Friday, October 10, 2008

Skyline and Night Lights

This is the sight that greets me whenever I walk from my apt to the subway station. This is a very typical sight throughout Seoul: clusters of enormous apartment buildings. This is what helps Seoul to achieve its status as the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the world (Note: Tokyo wins by a landslide at 34 million, with Seoul, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and NYC essentially tied for 2nd at around 20 million).

Here are the UFO-themed / Space Needle-inspired versions!

I shot this picture at the train station in Busan, the second largest city in Korea located on the southeastern coast. I liked the look of the one lonely crane.

I shot this pic from a taxi in Gangnam. I've never seen anything like it.

A building near my apartment. Can any of you tell me what these signs say??


kimmer said...

a CPA, real estate agency, herbal medicine...hey, did you hang out at Haeundae when you were in Busan? how did you like the bullet train?

Seoul-searching said...

Nice! Now I know where to go for han-yak!

I had drinks in a hotel-top bar with my cousin who lives close to Haeundae. The view of the bridge was spectacular. But it was too cold to hit the beach.

The train didn't feel terribly fast for a "bullet" train, but it was clean and convenient.

basile with an e said...

Whoa, cool, I want to see that holey building, haha.

The lonely crane reminds me of wall-e like it built all the buildings all by itself.

That's crazy that those are all apartments and not offices...

susannak said...

i remember passing by that bldg while in a cab this past trip!! so crazy..cuz i was actually giving that building a lot of thought! I was wondering how an architect conceives that that's what he wants to do, especially because it won't be easy to create..but it's definitely innovative. and then how they would actually go about creating it...cuz those holes are not symmetrical...esp around the entrance. in the end, i assumed (probably wrong) that they had to create some steel framework that is stackable and the holes can be customized in placement when stacked, and that they can pour cement into it. you're an do you think they did it?

susannak said...

oh yah, i also remember thinking that if there were ever a huge earthquake, and that building crumbled, the people inside are screwed cuz they have that much more (heavy) rubble to get out of.... yes, quite morbid observations..