Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opening Night

Tonight was opening night for the SK Knights, the professional basketball team owned by the SK conglomerate. Melissa hooked us up again with free tickets. I like to call her Red from The Shawshank Redemption, because like Red, she's someone who knows how to get things! Unfortunately, the SK Knights aren't nearly as good as the SK Wyverns. The highlight of the game was the dancing Krispy Kreme donut and the appearance of Park Taehwan, the gold-medal winning Korean swimmer, during the halftime show.

Pre-game show

Player introductions

Park Taehwan: national hero. Apparently, he used to live in the building next to Eunice's parents.

Where can I get those pants??


brian said...

i had no idea that you had a blog. interesting reading!

basile with an e said...

the swimmer. what did he do when he appeared? just waved? and sat back down? how does that work? 'cause it's not like he can swim around for everyone?