Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Korea

A few friends in America asked me how I was planning to spend the holidays and whether I might be lonely being away from friends and family. Fortunately, I didn't have to go back to the States for the holidays because the States came to visit me! This was one of my most memorable Christmases, largely because of all the friend who were visiting Korea for the holidays.

On Christmas Day, I spent the morning at our church's Christmas Service. After lunch, I visited a joint EM Christmas Service hosted by Young Nak Presbyterian Church. After the joint service, Basile and I joined up with Caroline and Janice to see the light show at CheongGye Cheon, the urban stream that runs 6 kilometers through the heart of Seoul. Here are some pics that Basile snapped along the way. Unfortunately, pictures can't capture the bite of the subzero (Celsius) weather.

Sparkling tree in front of the Lotte Department Store

Looking up the Lotte building

Janice flirting with frostbite to give the Korean rabbit ears

Skyline above, urban stream below

I love this shot, with the light coming from below. The cotton candy looks like clouds.

Trying to stay warm before the light show begins. Janice on the left, Caroline on the right.

"Neon" snowflakes

Light banner in the distance, flashing "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", and even "Feliz Navidad"! Next year I expect to see "Happy Hanukkah"!

Candid shot. Basile should moonlight with the paparazzi!

Street-level overhead, walking toward the source of the stream

"Hurry up, Basile!"

I love this shot! Kinda looks like a club.

Glowing globes levitating over water

At the end of the stream. Light banner and small waterfall in the background.

Who is that masked man? Basile makes an appearance.

Monster Christmas tree in front of City Hall

Merry Christmas!

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basile with an e said...

Haha, I'm honored that I could be a part of one of your most memorable Christmi (yes, I don't like saying "Christmases"; pluralizing with an "i" is so much easier).

It was freezing. I don't know how that guy was rocking out on the guitar with his bare hands on those steels strings. That's impressive. I wonder if he had to keep retuning too, with the strings tightening in such cold weather.

The cotton candy shots are my favorite too. It's so random, but I love it. I should take some time to edit it and make it extra nice.

I didn't notice the "Feliz Navidad" and "Happy Hanukkah" too, haha

And she did not say "hurry up" haha; Caroline's too gentle for that