Friday, February 6, 2009

What Does Gandalf Drink?

Today was a randomly interesting day. Yet another friend, Kevin Lee, was visiting Korea on his way back from a business trip to India. We met for lunch in Daehangno, a performing arts district in Seoul. After lunch we explored the neighborhood, and low and behold, who do we see?

So if you were wondering, Gandalf drinks Hite! And LOTS of it!

That evening, I went to dinner with my friend, Jieun, who works in Dongdaemun, a major shopping district. On the way out of the restaurant, guess who I saw?

Move over Abraham Obama. It's all about Obama Claus!

After dinner, I returned to Daehangno to hit a jazz club I had long wanted to visit. It's named Jazz Club. Fortunately, the music is far better than the name, as it's hands-down the classiest live jazz venue I've been to since I got here.

On the way to Jazz Club, we passed an outdoor stage in the Dongdaemun shopping district, which features live performances from members of the audience. Have you heard the Wonder Girls' mega-hit Nobody? Here's the original and the "alternate interpretation"!

Yes, that's a he! Needless to say, it was an entertaining evening.


basile with an e said...

haha, he's not bad, but you gotta love when the girls do that dance though... makes me want to sing it too

Anonymous said...

haha! i want to go to korea...

Jessica said...

I esp like the minnie sweater.